Julebord success

On Saturday 3rd December we hosted our annual Julebord which brought together 20 fantastic members, old and new to the club, for a three course meal served in a cosy location in Posebyen. 

We served a Jerusalem artichoke soup with truffle oil to start, followed by a choice of main courses: ribbe, cod and a deliciously Christmassy lentil dish made with red wine and a spice mix of cloves, nutmeg and allspice! Everything was served with carrots and parsnips roasted with wholegrain mustard and local honey. 

For dessert there were two options: homemade chocolate mouse, with orange liqueur and a raw vegan dessert of raspberry parfait. 

As the recipes were requested so we will post the recipes very soon.

We also have created a new Instagram account for the club @krsfoodclub, go and take a look. 


Godjul fra Kristiansand Food Club :-) 


delicious ribbe

A growing community in Kristiansand

Well, it has been some time since I had the time to write but now I think there is plenty to talk about! 

Kristiansand Food Club started off as a little social experiment to see how my husband and I could meet new people and make friends in the city.  I am not from the area, nor am I Norwegian, so I was finding it difficult to make new connections.  

Food has always been a wonderful way of connecting people, especially those with varied backgrounds and interests, so the concept of hosting supper clubs, pop ups and social dining events was born. 

Our idea for the food club was simple: make it easy and accessible for anyone to be a part of it and to host different types of event once a month. 

I am now proud to say that one our most recent events caught the attention of the local newspaper, Kristiansand Avis, and we were feature on the front page! 


What an amazing achievement for us, we are so proud of the club and all of our members!

Without you, we would not have the energy and motivation to come up with new ideas and keep hosting our event.  So a big THANK YOU for all your support and interest in the club. 

Now we have over 400 members and we are growing all the time. 


Where it all started: A Curry Pop Up for Restaurant Day on Torvet, Kristiansand. 

Where it all started: A Curry Pop Up for Restaurant Day on Torvet, Kristiansand. 

Christmas cooking

It is a misty evening here in Kristiansand and I have been thinking about how I can make edible gifts for Christmas. 

One of my favourite traditions at Christmas time (Juletid) is the giving and receiving of homemade biscuits as gifts.  I always look forward to the old fashioned tins, with slightly creepy looking Julenisse on them, opening them up and smelling the delicious combination of dark sugar and cinnamon. Absolute bliss!

So this year I have decided to make my own biscuits.  At least my husband will be pleased I'm using all the mason jars for good reason (blame Pinterest!). 

The first biscuit I am trying out is Kolakaker or Brune Pinner.  These are my favourite and appear less often than Pepperkaker, the ones that are typically made available in offices, shops and Christmas markets. 

If they are successful, I will share the recipe on the site.


Welcome to our website

So after a year as a private dining club, hosting exiting events in our various locations around our home, we have decided to start writing more about food and more importantly food culture. 

I also want to let everyone into a secret of mine: my personal relationship with food has had it's ups and downs.  Maybe this is why I'm so compelled to produce this website and share my passions about cooking and dining.