Autumn brings delights from the land and sea and from October 1st many people head out with their lobster pots to catch lobsters (or in our case, crab: those lobsters have hidden from us). 

Responsible fishing brings so much delicious food and with a bit of practice it is easy to make amazing meals with both crab and lobster.  We are fortunate enough to have a small motor boat so we can brave the cold and wind to collect our bounty from the sea. 

Both crab and lobster have sweet meat which works well on it's own or mixed with pasta. 

The other wonderful food that is plentiful in late summer and early autumn are mushrooms.  Foraging is a great way of making the most of the fantastic nature surrounding Kristiansand and with a bit of guidance, you can find delicious wild mushrooms for both cooking fresh and drying out for future use. 

It is essential you know which mushrooms are safe to pick and eat; if you have never foraged before, find someone who has local knowledge and is confident about which mushrooms are edible and those that are poisonous. 

This pdf is a useful guide:

Once you are confident about your mushrooms there's nothing nice then cooking them with a little garlic and black pepper and serving them on toast or in a simple pasta dish.  Here's our recipe for forest mushroom pasta: